Kirstens Sales Agencies is a firm that represents several office furniture manufacturers in a sales, marketing and support role. Founded in 2002, we have continued to expand and grow our ability to service the dealer and interior design community. The experience of the Kirstens team allows us to understand the needs of our clients and help them provide sound and cost appropriate solutions for their furniture requirements.

The manufacturers we represent have been chosen for their ability to provide products that not only have design appeal but also bring with them high quality and an excellent cost of ownership. The ease of doing business is also an important factor plus their commitment to a greener environment. Our role is to acquaint the A&D community with the product offering we have and provide them with support and the back-up they need to service their clients. We are also committed to providing our dealers with timely responses and product recommendations for all of their requests. Please browse our website and click on the manufacturers links to see the full range of products that we can provide.